What unique role does psychology play in systems biology?


What unique role does psychology play in systems biology?

Systems Biology:

Systems biology applies mathematical formulations to compute the complex intricacies of biological systems. Systems biology is multidisciplinary is that is uses many subfield sciences to attain a complete, multi-variable holistic approach. Scientific collaborations applied include biology, , engineering, bioinformatics, physics, genetics, microbiology, molecular biology, and computer science. Computers are built and programmed to make predictions about how biological systems might alter over time, through environment adaptation and other changes to a habitat. The effects of various ecological conditions can be studied, as well as changes within the human body. Biological based analysis and exploration can help scientists discover how drugs work in the human body, and design drugs that may work more effectively. This field uses its different parts in order to study the 'whole'. Systems biology was first proposed by Mihajlo Mesarovic in 1966, a systems theorist.

Answer and Explanation:

Systems psychology was inspired by systems theory which also inspired systems biology. Psychology is a biomarker of physiology, which is a branch of human biology and a study of all the parts of the human system. Human psychology and one's state of mind is partly a result of that person's unique genetic physiology. Therefore, we must include psychology as one of the end results of the functions or formulas established by systems biology. Further, the way one views a system is dependent on their style of thinking, or psychology. Psychology is not a variable in any first-stage computation beyond the scope of the researcher's perspective. As an end result psychology is always interpretive and therefore not useful in systems biology or mathematics which relies on absolute variables. However, when applying systems biology to the human body psychology can reveal side effects of drugs and various medical procedures, which would be of import in the data. Many drug affect human psychology, intentional or not.

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