What war did the Fall of Constantinople lead to?


What war did the Fall of Constantinople lead to?

Fall of Constantinople:

For centuries prior to 1453, the city of Constantinople had been the capital of the Byzantine Empire. However, in 1453, the city fell to the military forces of the Ottoman Empire and its sultan, Mehmed II.

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The Ottoman Empire was at war nearly constantly in the 1400s and 1500s, so it might be better to ask how many wars the Fall of Constantinople led to. However, the best answer would be that after the destruction of the Byzantine Empire by the Ottomans, the Italian city-state of Venice fought a number of wars with the Ottomans over the next century and a half. Most of these wars were naval in nature because that was where Venice had the greatest strength. Nor did Venice fight alone; often it had allies. But the reason Venice and the Ottomans were often in conflict was that Venice's naval empire made it a leader in trade in the Mediterranean, and Ottoman power threatened that trade. Plus, Venice controlled several strategic islands in the Mediterranean that the Ottomans felt they needed to control to further expand their empire. So, these two sides fought with each other often as a result.

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