What was the Appian Way?


What was the Appian Way?

Appius Claudius Caecus:

Appius was a member of the Roman patrician class, and he became censor in 312 BC. As censor, he began to bring needed reforms to the young Roman Republic. His social reforms, such as allowing freedmen to serve in the Senate, were abolished, but his building projects (the first aqueduct and road) would last a long time.

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The Appian Way was the first Roman Road, and it connected Rome with southern Italy. Construction began on the road in 312 BC, and it ran 132 miles between Rome and Capua. By 244 BC, the road was extended to Brundisi adding 230 more miles. The road was built very durable, and the Romans had to only provide minimum repair work to it. The road was a vital artery for Rome to bring in goods from the southern ports and use the road to send Roman exports to the southern ports to go to other nations, like Greece and Egypt.

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