What was the relationship like between the Puritans of New England and their Native American...


What was the relationship like between the Puritans of New England and their Native American neighbors? How did Puritans view/treat Native Americans?

The Puritans:

The Puritans belonged to an extreme Protestant sect of Christianity, which emerged in England in the 16th and 17th centuries. After being persecuted and ridiculed for their beliefs in their home country, many left England and migrated to the colonies in what is now the United States. The most famous colony associated with the Puritans is the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which was established in the late 1620s.

Answer and Explanation:

Puritans and Native Americans in early colonial America came from very different backgrounds and had very different ideas about life. Puritans considered the Native American lifestyle to be primitive and irreligious, and therefore considered them to be inferior. Native Americans did not share the Puritans' belief in a single god, nor did they share the same views about land and property ownership (in fact, most northeastern Native American tribes had no concept of private property). Both groups valued hard work and generosity, and for a time they attempted to bond over these shared values. Unfortunately, their differing backgrounds were ultimately irreconcilable. The Puritans' persistent attempts to convert Native Americans to Christianity while enforcing English concepts of property and land ownership inevitably led to conflict.

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