What year was the gas mask invented?


What year was the gas mask invented?

A Better Mask Was Needed:

While protective respiration equipment was already used in mining and firefighting, the German introduction of chlorine gas and sulfur mustard gas to kill Allied Forces required a new type of respiration equipment as the wet cloth used in professional equipment did not filter out the deadly gas.

Answer and Explanation:

The first version of the gas mask was introduced on May 10, 1915, by Cluny MacPherson. Only 18 days after the first chemical weapon attack, MacPherson demonstrated his mask to the British War Office. It was a cloth hood using thin pieces of mica for eye covering. The hood covered the whole head and used a coating of chlorine absorbent treating to protect troops. Shortly thereafter, Edward Harrison, Bertram Lamber, and John Sadd introduced the canister gas mask which was later streamlined into the small box canister gas mask we see in most WWI footage.

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