When (2x-3)^2 is subtracted from 5x^2, what is the result?


When {eq}(2x-3)^{2} {/eq} is subtracted from {eq}5x^{2} {/eq}, what is the result?

Algebraic Expressions:

Algebraic equations can be dealt in the same way as we deal with numbers. They can be squared, multiplied, divided just like we add simple numbers. The only change being, the result of all these operations is just another algebraic expression and not a number most of the times.

Answer and Explanation:

On subtracting {eq}\displaystyle{(2x-3)^2} {/eq} from {eq}5x^2 {/eq}. We get...

{eq}5x^2-(2x-3)^2\\ 5x^2-(4x^2-12x+9)\\ x^2+12x-9 {/eq}

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