When did John Cabot start exploring?


When did John Cabot start exploring?

John Cabot:

John Cabot was an Italian Explorer during the 1490s. Cabot was truly a world-traveler. During his life, he lived in Italy, Spain, and England. While he was a trader in Italy during the 1470s and 1480s, he engaged in the slave trade and visited ports around the Eastern Mediterranean. In addition, Cabot may have visited Mecca, on the Arabian Peninsula. All of these experiences prepared Cabot for his future as an explorer.

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John Cabot began exploring the New World in 1496. In 1496, Cabot led his first expedition to the Americas. Cabot's first expedition, though, was a failure, as Cabot and his men had to return to England before reaching America. Cabot's second voyage left Bristol, England in May of 1497 and reached Newfoundland, off the coast of Canada, in June of that year. Cabot's exploration of Newfoundland was the first time Europeans had visited Canada since around 1000 C.E. This was not Cabot's last voyage, though. He led another expedition to the New World in 1498, however, scholars are unsure as to whether this expedition was a success or failure. Cabot and his men may have perished on the voyage.

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