When solving 4|2x-4|-5=59, Where the x= 6 comes from in this problem?


When solving 4|2x - 4| - 5 = 59, Where the x= 6 comes from in this problem?

Absolute Value:

Absolute value equations mean that we want to know how far a number is from 0 and not whether that number is positive or negative. When solving an equation with absolute value, we use brackets to denote that the section bracketed is a count and that the solution for x could be positive or negative.

Answer and Explanation:

To solve 4|2x-4|-5=59 let's first simplify the statement before solving the absolute value:

  • 4|2x-4| - 5 = 59
  • 5 + 4|2x-4|-5=59 + 5
  • 4|2x - 4| = 64
  • (4|...

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