When was Marie Antoinette alive?


When was Marie Antoinette alive?

Marie Antoinette's Decline in the 1780s:

When Marie Antoinette was married to Louis-Aguste, she entered a nation that hated the Austrians, so her popularity would have to be earned. However, she did very little to endear herself to her French subjects, and during the 1780s, the French were heavily interested in her sex life. Despite no evidence whatsoever, the people of France believed any rumor about their queen having sexual relations with men and women, and when she was tried in October 1793, she was accused of having wild orgies in the palaces of France, which was never proven.

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Marie Antoinette lived between late 1755 and late 1793. Antoinette was born in Austria on November 2, 1755, and she was married to the French heir,...

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