When was Marie Antoinette queen?


When was Marie Antoinette queen?

Etienne Francois, duc de Choiseul:

Choiseul was born on June 28, 1719 in Nancy, Duchy of Lorraine (now France), and as a noble, he entered the military, first Austrian then French. By the 1750s, he was made known to King Louis XV of France by one of his mistresses, and in 1753, he began a diplomatic career for France as ambassador to Rome. In 1757, he was transferred to Vienna, where he negotiated alliances between the Austrians and the French, and in 1758, he became Minister of Foreign Affairs (1758-1761; 1766-1770) and Chief Minister (1758-1770) at Louis XV's court.

Answer and Explanation:

Marie Antoinette was Queen of France from May 10, 1774 until September 21, 1792.

In late 1769 and early 1770, Etienne Francois, duc de Choiseul...

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