When was Thucydides born?


When was Thucydides born?

Exiled Historian:

Thucydides was an Athenian magistrate and a Greek historian. After failing to defend Athens from Spartan forces, Thucydides was forced into exile. During this time, he wrote.

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Thucydides was born circa 460-455 BCE. Historians have deduced his birthyear to be around that time since Thucydides lived through the 430 BCE plague, commanded an Athenian fleet during the war in 424 BCE, and detailed events of the 431 through 404 BCE Peloponnesian War.

Thucydides was impacted by the plague, but he survived. Then, in 424, he was appointed as one of the ten military strategists, eventually commanding a losing fleet based on Thasos. Thucydides' text of the Peloponnesian War, History of the Peloponnesian War, was divided into 13 different books.

Thucydides died around 404 BCE.

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