Where are the tectonic plates in Iceland?


Where are the tectonic plates in Iceland?

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A tectonic plate is a massive plate that consists of solid rock. It floats loose on top of the athenosphere (the upper part of the mantle) but comes in contact with other plates. The continents that lie on top of the plates move along with it. Interactions between the tectonic plates are responsible for most earthquakes and volcanic activity.

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In the southern part of Iceland, where North America and Eurasia tectonic plates meet and are moving away from each other, Iceland's tectonic plates can be seen on land in Thingvellir. The western side of Eurasia and the eastern side of North America tectonic plates form the northernmost part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where Iceland is located. The tectonic plates make landfall in the Reykjanes Peninsula and stretches towards Thingvellir and further northeast and east. Iceland is the only inhabited island in the world where tectonic plates and ocean ridge are visible on land.

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