Where did Charles Dickens live in London?


Where did Charles Dickens live in London?

Charles Dickens:

At the age of ten, in 1822, Charles Dickens and his family moved to from Chatham. It was in Chatham that many of the images for his stories were born, like the streets and the people.

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Charles Dickens moved to London in 1822 with his family. The Dickens family, and later Dickens, lived in many location throughout the city. The Dickens family lived at No. 16 Bayham Street, upon arrival from Rochester. They also lived at No. 27 Little College Street, No. 29 Johnson Street and No. 17 The Polygon, between the years 1824 and 1829. In adulthood, Dickens lived at No. 1 Devonshire Terrace for many years.

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