Which of the following best describes the group development pattern known as punctuated...


Which of the following best describes the group development pattern known as punctuated equilibrium?

A. A team transitions directly from the storming stage to the adjourning stage as it is suddenly shut down.

B. At the midpoint of the project, members realize that their behavior pattern must change in order to complete the project on time.

C. Members of teams with a limited life span undergo a feeling of depression and anxiety when the time comes for the group to disband.

D. A team skips the initial stages of forming and storming and begins directly at the performing stage of development.

E. The attitudes and behaviors of members of a team do not change for as long as the team is in existence.

Group Behavior:

Behavior describes an individual basic manner or nature of executing certain things. Group behavior describes the collective behavior of the group. It reflects both the informal as well as the formal behavior of group members.

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The correct option is B

Explanation: The term punctuated equilibrium describes the group members' realization about their behavior which needs to be...

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