Which of the following information should the nurse include when discussing white blood cells? A....


Which of the following information should the nurse include when discussing white blood cells?

A. Leukocytosis is never beneficial

B. Leukopenia is never normal

C. Leukocytosis is a decrease in white blood cells

D. Leukocyopenia is an increase in white blood cells

Blood Cells:

While blood appears to be a homogenous mixture, it is actually composed of a variety of components. These components include white blood cells, plasma, and red blood cells.

Answer and Explanation: 1

The nurse should describe what these terms mean prior to using them. Leuko- is a prefixed that refers to white blood cells. White blood cells fight infections and keep out blood and tissues clean of cellular debris, pathogens, and other harmful substances. Leukocytosis is when white blood cell numbers are higher than usual. Leukopenia is when white blood cell numbers are below usual. The nurse should state that B. Leukopenia is never normal. Leukopenia is not normal as it indicates problems with the production, secretion, or longevity of white blood cells in the body. Leukopenia warrants investigation into its cause.

Answers "A", "C", and "D" are incorrect because leukocytosis can be beneficial when fighting infections, and leukocytosis and leukopenia are correctly described above in this answer, not in the answer statements. Note that leukocytopenia and leukopenia are the same condition.

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