Which of these atoms has the largest radius? a. B b. Ga c. Br d. Si e. Cl


Which of these atoms has the largest radius?

a. {eq}B {/eq}

b. {eq}Ga {/eq}

c. {eq}Br {/eq}

d. {eq}Si {/eq}

e. {eq}Cl {/eq}

Periodic Trend:

The periodic table may have arranged the elements in terms of increasing atomic number, but the shape of the entire table is configured in such a way that elements with similar properties are grouped together. Moreover, one of the advantages of the configuration of the periodic table are "periodic trends". The properties such as the electronegativity, atomic radius, etc. of elements can be compared just by using their positions in the periodic table.

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The periodic trend for an atomic radius follows the two rules:

  1. Atomic radius decreases as we go from left to right in the same row
  2. Atomic radius...

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