Which one of the following is not a derived unit? (a) kg/m^{3} (b) km/hr (c) m/s^{2} (d) m (e)...


Which one of the following is not a derived unit?

(a) {eq}kg/m^{3} {/eq}

(b) km/hr

(c) {eq}m/s^{2} {/eq}

(d) m

(e) {eq}m^{2} {/eq}


The unit can be defined as a representation of the measure of any quantity. The unit of any object depends on various things like physical state, movement, and many more. For example, the unit of measurement of liquid is a liter.

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(a) {eq}{\rm{kg/}}{{\rm{m}}^{\rm{3}}} {/eq}: This is a unit of measurement of density, and this can be derived by the ratio of mass and volume.

(b) ...

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