Which one of the following statements is NOT true about gene flow? A. gene flow often prevents...


Which one of the following statements is NOT true about gene flow?

A. gene flow often prevents genetic drift

B. gene flow can increase variation by having new individuals come in

C. gene flow can affect population genetics

D. gene flow will most likely result in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium

E. gene flow can decrease variation by having individuals leave

Gene Flow:

Gene flow is the flow of genetic material from one population to another. It is a mechanism of evolution by which genetic variation within a population increases due to the flow of new alleles into one population from another.

Answer and Explanation:

Answer A: True. Genetic drift is the change in an existing allele's frequency in a population over time due to chance. Gene flow introduces alleles into a population, so genetic drift cannot be at play when alleles are flowing into a population.

Answer B: True. Since gene flow is the flow of alleles into a population, it can increase genetic variation by introducing new alleles.

Answer C: True. Gene flow affects genetic diversity among populations. It can create more diversity within a population but lead to less diversity overall between populations.

Answer D: False. Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium is the result of a population not undergoing any evolutionary forces. Gene flow is by definition a mechanism of evolution.

Answer E: True. Gene flow could decrease genetic variation in a population if a particular allele were to continually migrate out of the population.

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