Who are some modern male mathematicians? Discuss their contribution to the field of mathematics.


Who are some modern male mathematicians? Discuss their contribution to the field of mathematics.


Mathematics is a very broad field and it spans through the study of numbers, structures, data and models. A mathematician can work on either applied mathematics or pure (abstract) mathematics. There is no Nobel Prize for mathematics, instead a mathematician can have a Fields medal which is said to be the mathematics equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

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A mathematician is a person who does research or work related to any of the fields in mathematics. Topics in mathematics includes algebra, mathematical analysis and number theory, to name a few. The study of mathematics existed from antiquity to present. Listed below are three mathematicians of the 21st century and their contribution.

1.) Benoit Mandelbrot was a French mathematician (November 20, 1924 - October 14, 2010) who made huge contributions in the field of fractals and fractal geometry. Fractals are geometric objects that exhibits self-similarity which means that a segment can be replicated at every scale. This can be seen in artichokes where the florets have the same shape as you zoom in. Mandelbrot coined the term fractals which comes from the Latin "fractus" which means broken or shattered glass. Due to Mandelbrot's research fractal geometry has been brought to the mainstream and pushed research on the field. Now, fractals has been used in analysis of other complex systems such as earth's terrain and bacterial culture growth.

2.) Andrew Wiles is an English mathematician (April 11, 1953) who made contributions in number theory. He is best known as the person who proved Fermat's last theorem. Fermat's last theorem is one of the most famous if not the most famous problem in mathematics, where it remained unproven for 358 years. In solving Fermat's last theorem, Andrew Wiles opened new methods and technique in studying number theory through modularity theorem.

3.) Grigori Perelman is a Russian mathematician (June 13, 1966) who made contributions Riemannian geometry and geometric topology. Riemannian geometry is a special branch of differential geometry developed by Bernhard Riemann. He also made contributions in geometry and was recognized. He was even offered the Field's medal but Perelman declined the award. Perelman was famous for solving the Poincare conjecture which is one of the Clay Millennium Prize Problems. The Millennium Prize Problems are the toughest problems in mathematics that has great impact when solved. Presently, only the Poincare conjecture is solved of the seven problems and Perelman was credited for the solution.

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