Who colonized Morocco?


Who colonized Morocco?

Morocco's History:

Historical evidence suggested people were living in Morocco during the Paleolithic Era, and the Maghreb was a fertile savanna (not as fertile today; makes up Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia). The Phoenicians were the first Mediterranean culture to establish trading posts with the peoples of Morocco, and Morocco, eventually, fell under the power of the Carthaginians. Around 225 BC, the Berber Kingdom of Mauretania was established, but it entered the Roman World in 33 BC (client state; annexed as a province in 44 AD). When Rome fell, Morocco's kingdom was restored, and the Byzantines were only able to hold onto some sea coast towns. During the 7th century, Islamic invaders came to the territory, and the area remained under Islamic Caliphates until the 11th century.

Answer and Explanation:

Portions of Morocco were Spanish and French protectorates by 1912.

Morocco was never truly "colonized." Throughout its history, the area of...

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