Who does Cathy marry in Wuthering Heights?


Who does Cathy marry in Wuthering Heights?

Catherine and Cathy:

Catherine Earnshaw is the mother of Cathy Linton. Cathy's full name is also Catherine, but she is nicknamed either the diminutive of Cathy or little Catherine. Catherine died as in childbirth of Cathy.

Answer and Explanation:

Cathy Linton marries Linton Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. Cathy Linton was the daughter of Edgar Linton the owner of Thurshcross Grange. Edgar was the enemy of Heathcliff the owner of Wuthering Heights, the neighboring manor. The two were adversaries over their shared loved of Catherine Earnshaw, Cathy's mom. Heathcliff facilitates the meeting and love between his son and Cathy. Cathy and Linton were cousins as Linton's mother, Isabella, was her father's sister. Linton Heathcliff died shortly after their marriage. After Linton's death, Cathy reconnects with her other cousin, the son of her mother's brother, and they also fall in love. Heathcliff tries to sabotage Cathy's life both because the possession he still felt for her mother and because she was the daughter of his enemy, Edgar.

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