Who is Parsons in 1984?


Who is Parsons in 1984?

Literary Devices

The literary device of characterization brings a character clearly into the light so that his/her turns within the plot are clear and sensible to the reader. In 1984, the character of Parsons also symbolizes the ideal citizen within the purview of Big Brother.

Answer and Explanation:

In 1984, Parsons lives by Winston and is particularly dim-witted like his wife. His children are thoroughly hateful secret members of the Thought Police and eventually turn Parsons in. Because he is the ideal party member who accepts all that is Big Brother, he never flinches at changes in reality as put out by the Ministry of Truth where he works. He is so brainwashed that when arrested, he assumes that Big Brother cannot be wrong, so he must have done something against the state. He is even proud of his daughter for turning him in.

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