Who was buried at Sutton Hoo?


Who was buried at Sutton Hoo?

The Sutton Hoo Burial Mounds of Suffolk, England:

Sutton Hoo has at least 18 burial mounds that are managed by the National Trust. The National Trust is a charity that works to preserve important historical sites and natural spaces in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland for future generations.

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Royalty and nobility were buried at Sutton Hoo. One of the burials at Sutton Hoo is believed to be that of the Anglo-Saxon king Raedwald who died in the 7th century CE. The incredible finds within the burial, which is sometimes referred to as King's Mound, indicate that whoever was buried there was a person of substantial status and means. The burial was inside a ship, the remnants of which have rotted away with time, leaving but an impression of its former self. Artifacts included a helmet with animal motifs, silverware, weapons, and ornamental items made out of gold and semi-precious stones.

Another burial is referred to as the Horseman's Mound. A young warrior and his mount were found buried together along with his weapons and a comb for grooming.

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