Who was Galen in ancient Rome?


Who was Galen in ancient Rome?


Asclepius is believed to be the son of the Greek god Apollo and a mortal woman, Coronis, and Apollo saved the child from destruction when the mother died around the time of Asclepius's birth. Apollo left his son in the care of Chiron, a centaur, who trained the boy in the arts of medicine. Due to his abilities, he became the Greek god of medicine, and his mythological story has left the world with the medical symbol (the serpents wrapped around a rod). Legends claimed he was killed by Zeus for resurrecting the dead, most specifically Hippolytus.

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Galen was a Greek physician, surgeon, and philosopher in Rome.

Galen was born around 129 AD in Pergamon, and his father, Aelius Nicon, was one of the...

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