Who was Gerald Ford?


Who was Gerald Ford?

United States Presidents:

Under the United States Constitution, the U.S. President serves as the head of state and leader of the executive branch of government. Presidents serve terms of four years, with a limit of two terms maximum (after the ratification of the Twenty-Second Amendment in 1947).

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Gerald Ford served as the 38th President of the United States from 1974 to 1977. A Republican, Ford previously served as a Congressman for the state of Michigan for 25 years. Ford has the distinction of being the only American President never to have been elected as either the president or vice president. Instead, Ford was appointed as vice president in December of 1973 by President Richard Nixon, following the resignation of his first vice president, Spiro Agnew. Eight months later, Nixon resigned rather than face impeachment on charges stemming from the Watergate scandal, making Ford the U.S. President in 1974. Two years later, Ford lost the 1976 presidential election to Democratic Georgia governor Jimmy Carter. Ford died in 2006 at the age of 93.

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