Who was heading Indian Army during the Bangladesh Liberation War 1971?


Who was heading Indian Army during the Bangladesh Liberation War 1971?

Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971:

In 1947, India and Pakistan were granted independence, and under the terms of the partition, Pakistan had land in both the eastern and western portions of the Indian subcontinent, which operated as a single country. On March 25, 1971, the ruling military junta in West Pakistan (modern-day Pakistan) conducted Operation Searchlight in order to round up and execute Bengali dissidents in East Pakistan and ousted the local government, which led to a rebellion. As India supported the Bengalis, Western Pakistan became embroiled in a revolution and war with India, and in December of 1971, the Bengalis won their independence.

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Sam Manekshaw was India's highest military authority during the Bangladesh Liberation War.

After earning a degree from Hindu Sabha College in 1932,...

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