Who was Tacitus?


Who was Tacitus?

Historiography in Rome:

The Roman Empire took history quite seriously. While much of Roman historiography developed from the Greek tradition, Roman historiographies exhibit a few differences. Rome kept much of their history in annals. Annals record the most important events of the year. For Rome, the annals were used to portray Rome in the best possible light, and to defend Roman interests. Roman historians also wrote large works about specific subjects outside of the production of the annals. Roman historiographers often dealt with complex moral issues, particularly in war-torn or politically corrupt eras of Roman history. Because of this, Roman historians may write their judgments as implied results of an event, not necessarily the true consequence.

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Tacitus was a Roman historian and senator. He was born in 56 AD in Gallia Narbonensis, a town within the Roman Empire. He is well-known for his...

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