Why did Neoclassical artists admire Ancient Rome?


Why did Neoclassical artists admire Ancient Rome?


Neoclassicism is an artistic style that developed in the 18th century in Rome, Italy. It emphasized the importance of simplicity and symmetry, as opposed to the elaborate and ornate Baroque style that preceded it.

Answer and Explanation:

Neoclassical artists tried to revive classical Roman and Greek works because they wanted to draw a parallel between the philosophy of ancient times and the newly emerging Age of Enlightenment. They believed that the aesthetic, moral and political standards and practices of the ancient world were the best basis for social progress. This put them at odds with both Baroque and Romantic artists, who were more interested in emotional and dramatic works.

Although Neoclassical artists were trying to revive ancient art, they relied more on work from the previous Renaissance era, which had the same aims. The Neoclassical period also saw the birth of archaeology, which fueled a general interest in antiquity and a revival of ancient philosophy.

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