Why did the United States agree to Europe First strategy?


Why did the United States agree to Europe First strategy?

U.S. Approval of the Europe First Strategy

Prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the isolationists in the United States wanted to remain neutral during World War II. Many in the U.S. did not want to join another war effort, especially in the middle of the Great Depression. Despite this, there was preparation for another war and material help sent to Great Britain prior to America's entry. This period also saw the United States' first prewar draft in history, which came about after Nazi Germany conquered France. This move was supported by over a two-thirds majority of Americans, whether they were isolationists or not, because a possible German victory in Europe was seen as a major threat to the United States.

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The European First Strategy was the idea that the war should be won first in Europe and then the attention should be turned to the war in the Pacific....

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