Why do earthquakes occur in the lithosphere?


Why do earthquakes occur in the lithosphere?

Earthquake and its causes:

The sudden and violent shaking of the earth's crust as a result of movements within the earth is called an earthquake. Earthquake is caused due to plate tectonics and normally occurs at the faults-the thin zone where there are broken rocks leading to separation of the crust.

Answer and Explanation:

Mostly earthquake occurs when lithospheric plates also called the tectonic plates ( floating on the upper partially molten mantle) either collide or break due to their collision causing immense shaking or vibration of the crust. This happens mostly along the boundaries of the tectonic plates where the plate either converge (move towards each other )or diverge (move away from each other) or slip past each other. When the plates move, the faults also move and break apart causing seismic waves to pass through the faultline. These sudden vibrations due to plate tectonics are called an earthquake.

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