Why does a wire that carries electric current become hot?


Why does a wire that carries electric current become hot?

Electric current:

The electrons flow from the lower terminal to the higher terminal of the battery. While current flows from higher terminal to lower terminal of the battery.

The current is nothing but the flow of electron in the conductor, but it flows in the opposite direction of the electron. SI unit of current is Ampere.

Answer and Explanation:

In the conductor when the current flows through it, an electron moves from one terminal of the battery to another. While the atom is at one place of the conductor and vibrates at that place.

When current flows through the conductor, the number of electron flowing in the conductor is very large. When these electrons move in the conductor it collides with the vibrating atoms. This collision produces heat energy which is gained by the atom. The atom then moves with a higher amplitude of vibration. Due to collision between electron ant atom, energy is released in the form of heat energy. This increases the temperature of the conductor. Hence, the wire that carries electric current becomes hot.

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