Why in Julius Caesar is the senator an important character?


Why in Julius Caesar is the senator an important character?

William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar:

Julius Caesar is an Elizabethan era play first performed in 1599 and written by William Shakespeare. The primary plot follows the Roman statesman Brutus and his moral conundrum about killing his friend Julius Caesar. The play also dramatizes the assassination of Julius Caesar and the power struggle that followed.

Answer and Explanation:

The Romans senators are important figures in the Shakesperian play Julius Caesar because they were the ones that plotted to kill Julius Caesar. While there were many reasons why each Senator wanted to kill Caesar, the overall consensus was that if Caesar remained alive, he would end the Roman Republic by becoming a dictator for life. Knowing this, the senators ultimately decide to kill Caesar. In real life, approximately 60 senators conspired to murder Caesar, with 23 of them actually stabbing him.

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