Why is augmented reality so appealing to marketers?


Why is augmented reality so appealing to marketers?

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality (AR) overlays digital data on the physical world, allowing us to experience an enhanced world through the lens of a hardware tool like a smartphone camera or virtual glasses.

Answer and Explanation:

Augmented Reality is a valuable tool for marketers because it can provide customers with a "try-before-buy" experience. This experience alone can be a deciding factor of whether or not a purchase will be made. One of the best early adopters in this segment is IKEA that developed an app that lets customers visually experience many of their products in their own homes. Without Augmented Reality, this would have been a costly and time-consuming effort. In addition to this, marketers can utilize various analytic tools to measure the way clients use it to understand their needs better. Therefore, AR is a technology that benefits both sides of the market. Buyers get an opportunity to understand and experience the product better while sellers gain a new channel to reach the buyers and to gather valuable consumer behavior data.

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