Why is Francisco Pizarro important?


Why is Francisco Pizarro important?


One of the most famous conquistadors of the Age of Exploration, Francisco Pizarro was a Spanish soldier. He is remembered in the same sense as Hernando Cortez, another key Spanish explorer and conqueror.

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Francisco Pizarro is important because he led the expedition to conquer the Incan Empire of the Andes. In 1500, the Incas had built one of the largest empires in the entire world, stretching throughout the mountains of South America, and had grown wealthy in gold. The rumors of this gold drew Pizarro and a band of Spanish conquistadors down into the Andes, where they trekked to Cuzco, capital of the empire (in modern-day Peru). There, Pizarro captured Atahualpa, the Incan emperor, and killed him, defeating the remnants of the Incan government and forming a Spanish colony.

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