Why was Julius Caesar a bad leader?


Why was Julius Caesar a bad leader?

Ancient Roman History:

Julius Caesar (100-44 BCE) was a general and statesmen during the last phase of the ancient Roman Republic. Though militarily and politically capable, he had many qualities which made him a less than ideal leader.

Key Points:

  • Caesar's Family: When Julius Caesar was a boy, his father was a regional governor in Asia. He had a close relationship with Caesar's mother, Aurelia.
  • Cleopatra: At one point, Julius Caesar had an affair with Cleopatra VII, who was was the Queen of Egypt. Together, they had a son named Cesarion.
  • Shakespeare's Play: William Shakespeare, the famous English playwright, wrote a play that depicted the events leading up to Caesar's assassination. This play was first performed around 1599.

Answer and Explanation:

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Julius Caesar had many traits that led to his eventual downfall and assassination by members of the Roman Senate. He was ostentatious in his pursuit...

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