Why was Khufu important?


Why was Khufu important?

History of Khufu:

Khufu was an Egyptian pharaoh who lived between circa 2575 and 2465 BC. He belonged to the fourth dynasty of Ancient Egypt, and was succeeded by his son Khafre.

Famous Relatives of Khufu:

  • King Snefru: Khufu's predecessor and father and, during the Old Kingdom, the first king of the Fourth dynasty.
  • Queen Hetepheres I: The mother of Khufu and often known as the ''Daughter of God.'' It is known that she was buried twice because her first resting place, in Dahshur, was plundered for treasure.
  • Queen Henutsen: Khufu's wife; possibly one of King Snefru's daughters, though she was not acknowledged as his daughter or as a princess.
  • Sons: Khufukhaf and Minkhaf, among other princes of the Fourth dynasty.

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Khufu was important because he commissioned the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. This massive structure was built sometime between circa ...

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