Why was Marie Antoinette called Madame Deficit?


Why was Marie Antoinette called Madame Deficit?

The Build-up to the Revolution:

By late 1787, the political situation was worsening in France, and Queen Marie Antoinette was firm in her advice to her inconsistent husband to hold firm to the ideals of the monarchy. In August, the Paris parlement was exiled to Troyes, and in November, King Louis XVI attempted to use the custom of lit de justice to pass legislation by royal decree. In May of 1788, Louis XVI passed a series of edicts which further enraged the French public. The French believed their queen was behind some of the king's actions.

Answer and Explanation:

Marie Antoinette earned the nickname ''Madame Deficit'' for her lavish and excessive lifestyle. As soon as Marie Antoinette became Queen of France,...

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