Will the Sun eventually become a black hole?


Will the Sun eventually become a black hole?

Black Holes:

Few things fascinate like a black hole, an impact in the space and time matrix of reality that absorbs anything it comes into contact with. Since even light cannot escape its pull, black holes earn their name because of their permanent darkness, a factor that makes them hard to locate and study.

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No, the sun is much too small to ever be a black hole. To be a black hole the Sun would have to be thousands of times larger, which means it would be so large that Earth (and perhaps other planets as far away as Saturn) would be destroyed by its huge bulk. Our current sun lacks the gravity needed to tear a hole in time and space. Its lifecycle is quite different; in about a billion years, it will become a red giant, swelling to a larger size as it fuses helium instead of hydrogen. The sun will fuse together heavier and heavier elements until its core is too powerful to resist gravity and the fusion process ends. The sun will then cool over a span of billions of years, becoming a brown dwarf, until all heat is lost from it forever (though this may take more time than has currently passed since the Big Bang).

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