Write an expression for the nth term of the sequence 10,22,34,46,.... 1. 12n-2\\2. 24n+2\\3....


Write an expression for the nth term of the sequence {eq}10,22,34,46,.... {/eq}

{eq}1.) \ 12n-2 \\ 2.) \ 24n+2 \\ 3.) \ 10n+12 \\ 4.) \ 12n+2 \\ 5.) \ 14n-12 {/eq}

Arithmetic Sequence

An arithmetic sequence is a type of sequence in which the difference of a term and its preceding term is a constant. This constant value is known as the common difference in the sequence. Mathematically, it is denoted by {eq}\displaystyle a_{n}=a_{1}+\left ( n-1 \right )d {/eq} where {eq}\displaystyle a_{n} {/eq} represents the nth term, {MathJax fullWidth='false'

\displaystyle a_{1} }] is the first term, and {MathJax fullWidth='false'

\displaystyle d }] is the common difference.

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1. Consider the given sequence.

$$10,22,34,46,......... $$

2. Identify the first term {eq}\displaystyle a_{1} {/eq} and the common difference...

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