Write the electron arrangement for fluorine (F).


Write the electron arrangement for fluorine (F).


Fluorine is a non-metal found in Group 7A of the periodic table. As it is part of group 7A, it is a halogen and found naturally as a diatomic molecule. Fluorine is the most reactive non-metal element as it has high electronegativity and is a relatively small atom.

Answer and Explanation:

To write the electron arrangement of an element is written by identifying the number of electrons in each energy level (also called shell) and separating them by commas. Note it is different form electron configuration as electron configuration divides energy levels into sublevels.

To see how to write fluorine's electron arrangement, let's refer to its Bohr diagram:

Bohr diagram of fluorine

Bohr diagram of fluorine

The first energy level has 2 electrons and the second energy level has 7 electrons.

We write the electron arrangement as 2, 7.

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