You are a consultant for a small to mid-sized business and have been hired to evaluate your...


You are a consultant for a small to mid-sized business and have been hired to evaluate your customer's server hardware. You notice that all of their hardware currently uses the PCI bus, and you recommend that they upgrade to PCI Express (PCIe) equipment. What is the reason for your recommendation?

A. PCI standard hardware has a number of flaws that can be used by hackers on the internet to compromise the security of server data.

B. PCI standard hardware is old and slows down the performance of servers compared to the newer, faster PCIe standard.

C. PCI standard hardware cannot support USB data transfers, which are becoming increasingly more important in the modern work environment.

D. PCI standard hardware tends to increase the heat output of servers, leading to the premature aging of hardware and possible data damage.

Peripheral Components Interconnect (PCI)

PCI is a hardware bus used for adding internal components to a desktop computer. For example, a PCI wireless network card can be inserted into a PCI slot on a motherboard, providing a wireless networking capability to the computer. It was designed by Intel and introduced in 1992 and was also an easy way to upgrade a computer by adding a faster video card or new ports like USB 2.0. PCI was superseded by PCI Express, which was introduced in 2004.

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According to the question, the main reason for recommending the upgrade to PCI Express (PCIe) equipment is because the PCI standard hardware is old...

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