You have a two-wheel trailer that you pull behind your ATV. Two children with a combined mass of...


You have a two-wheel trailer that you pull behind your {eq}ATV {/eq}. Two children with a combined mass of {eq}62.2 \ kg {/eq} hop on board for a ride through the woods and the springs (one for each wheel) each compress by {eq}5.37 \ cm {/eq}. When you pull the trailer over a tree root in the trail, it oscillates with a period of {eq}1.79 \ s {/eq}. Determine the following.

(a) Force constant of the springs

(b) Mass of the trailer

(c) Frequency of the oscillation

(d) Time it takes for the trailer to bounce up and down {eq}10 {/eq} times.


Springs are simple coils of metal. However, they are used to teach a wide variety of concepts in physics because springs obey Hooke's law. Hooke's law, like other simple, linear force laws, results in simple harmonic motion.

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{eq}\bullet \text{Mass of children}\ m_c = 62.2 kg\\ \bullet \text{Compression}\ \Delta x = 0.0537 m\\ \bullet \text{Period}\ T = 1.79...

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