You have been hired by the owners of Brew & Beef, a local family owned restaurant. They would...


You have been hired by the owners of Brew & Beef, a local family-owned restaurant. They would like to open a second restaurant (Brew & Beef II) across town and have asked your advice regarding the recruitment of employees. One of the owners and her sister will be managing the new site and they are transferring part of their chef staff to the new facility so they need your advice regarding the hiring of wait staff, bus staff, custodial help and kitchen help. Recent discrimination lawsuits have been in the news and they want things to go smoothly and legally. What advice would you give them?

Clarity and detail can mitigate accusations of discriminatory hiring!

In many ways, the perception of a company engaging in discriminatory hiring practices is as problematic as one that engaged in such practices. An accusation of discriminatory hiring practices can invite negative attention on several fronts including lawsuits, negative press, and negative social media commentary. Laws prohibit discrimination against someone based on race, age, religion, gender, pregnancy, and disabilities. Some strategies to avoid an accusation of discrimination are to create detailed job descriptions with detailed position requirements, use job-related aptitude tests and personality tests (remember that such tests need to be fair and administered to everyone.) A company can also consult a labor attorney to help formulate interview questions that will limit snares. It is also essential for employers not to solicit photos of applicants because that could become an issue, especially if the applicant is of a protected class. The most effective method of avoiding discrimination accusations is to maintain an objective in recruiting, interviewing, and hiring employees.

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Brew & Beef managers need to be objective and transparent in their hiring practices. Effective hiring practices involves several steps. The first...

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