You need $70,000 in today's You need $70,000 in today's buying power 6 years from now. You can...


You need $70,000 in today's buying power 6 years from now. You can earn 2% APR in real terms on your investments. How much do you have to invest, in nominal terms (the same amount each year), starting next year for 5 years, to just meet your needs, if you expect inflation to be 4% per year?

{eq}\bigcirc {/eq} $8,018

{eq}\bigcirc {/eq} $4,245

{eq}\bigcirc {/eq} $14,788

{eq}\bigcirc {/eq} $15,539

Nominal Interest Rate:

Nominal interest rate is the rate that is arrived without considering the effect of compounding periods and inflation rate. The real interest rate is not same as nominal interest rate due to inflation effect.

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Real interest rate (r) = 2%

Inflation Rate (i1) = 4%

Years after amount required (n1) = 6

Number of deposit (n2) = 5

Hence, Option 3 is...

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