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Everything you need to know about College Accelerator

Watch short videos on your own schedule

With College Accelerator you can get the flexibility of online learning while watching professional video lessons from subject experts.

Rely on us to make it easy for you to transfer credits

Contact our college coaches for guidance on everything from choosing a college to transferring credits.

Stay engaged with short, animated videos

Watch 5-10 minute video lessons that simplify complicated college subjects.

Learn anywhere, anytime: no commuting or test centers

Watch videos from your smartphone while you're on the go and even take final exams online.

Study at your own pace

Focus on the material you find difficult without worrying about deadlines and time constraints.

Be confident on test day

Review what you need help on and what you've mastered by taking quizzes and practice tests.

Catch up—even if you switch majors or fall behind

Work through lessons at your own pace so you don't get frustrated with difficult courses.

Skip the textbooks and lecture halls

No need to buy expensive textbooks or study materials; we have everything you need to pass.

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