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If your struggling in your 10th grade English class, this flexible tutoring course can help. All of the topics you're learning about in class are covered through short and engaging video lessons, and you can use the chapter tests and quizzes to make sure you understand the material ahead of a big exam or homework assignment.
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17 chapters in 10th Grade English: Tutoring Solution

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Lesson 1 - Introduction to Shakespeare: Life and Works  Take Quiz
Lesson 2 - Romeo and Juliet: Shakespeare's Famous Star-Crossed Lovers  Take Quiz
Lesson 3 - A Midsummer Night's Dream: Summary, Quotes and Characters  Take Quiz
Lesson 4 - Julius Caesar: Shakespeare's Play vs. History  Take Quiz
Lesson 5 - Twelfth Night: Themes, Quotes and Cross-Dressing Characters  Take Quiz
Lesson 6 - 'Out, Damned Spot': Meaning & Overview  Take Quiz
Lesson 7 - Courtly Love in the Middle Ages: Definition, Characteristics & Rules  Take Quiz
Lesson 8 - Duke of Albany in Shakespeare's King Lear: Traits & Analysis  Take Quiz
Lesson 9 - Duke Orsino in Twelfth Night: Character Analysis  Take Quiz
Lesson 10 - Shakespeare's Antony And Cleopatra: Summary & Analysis  Take Quiz
Lesson 11 - Shakespeare's Claudius: Character Analysis & Traits  Take Quiz
Lesson 12 - Shakespeare's Horatio: Character Analysis & Relationship with Hamlet  Take Quiz
Lesson 13 - Shakespeare's Robin Goodfellow: Traits & Analysis  Take Quiz
Lesson 14 - The Character of Macbeth: Description & Analysis  Take Quiz
Lesson 15 - Figurative Language in Romeo and Juliet: Overview & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 16 - The Taming of the Shrew Characters  Take Quiz
Lesson 17 - Themes in The Taming of the Shrew  Take Quiz
Lesson 18 - Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew  Take Quiz
Lesson 19 - Bianca in The Taming of the Shrew  Take Quiz
Lesson 20 - Katherine in The Taming of the Shrew  Take Quiz
Lesson 21 - Lucentio in The Taming of the Shrew  Take Quiz
Lesson 22 - Gremio in The Taming of the Shrew  Take Quiz
Lesson 23 - Hortensio in The Taming of the Shrew  Take Quiz
Lesson 24 - Vincentio in The Taming of the Shrew  Take Quiz
Lesson 25 - The Taming of the Shrew Monologues  Take Quiz
Lesson 26 - Tranio in The Taming of the Shrew  Take Quiz
Lesson 27 - Baptista in The Taming of the Shrew  Take Quiz
Lesson 28 - Grumio in The Taming of the Shrew  Take Quiz
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Lesson 1 - John Steinbeck: Grapes of Wrath and Other Works  Take Quiz
Lesson 2 - Of Mice and Men: Summary and Analysis of Steinbeck's Style  Take Quiz
Lesson 3 - Herman Melville: Moby-Dick Summary and Analysis  Take Quiz
Lesson 4 - The Old Man and the Sea: Summary, Characters & Themes  Take Quiz
Lesson 5 - All Quiet on the Western Front: Summary and Themes  Take Quiz
Lesson 6 - Edith Wharton: Biography and Major Novels  Take Quiz
Lesson 7 - Henry David Thoreau's Walden: Summary and Analysis  Take Quiz
Lesson 8 - Henry David Thoreau's Civil Disobedience: Summary and Analysis  Take Quiz
Lesson 9 - Uncle Tom's Cabin and the American Civil War  Take Quiz
Lesson 10 - Kate Chopin: Biography, Works, and Style  Take Quiz
Lesson 11 - Kate Chopin's The Awakening: Summary and Analysis  Take Quiz
Lesson 12 - Kate Chopin's 'Story of an Hour': Summary and Analysis  Take Quiz
Lesson 13 - The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Summary & Analysis  Take Quiz
Lesson 14 - Farewell to Manzanar: Summary, Characters, Themes & Author  Take Quiz
Lesson 15 - Gone With the Wind: Summary, Characters & Author  Take Quiz
Lesson 16 - H.L. Mencken: Biography & Books  Take Quiz
Lesson 17 - Laura Ingalls Wilder: Biography, Books & Facts  Take Quiz
Lesson 18 - Michael Pollan: Biography & Books  Take Quiz
Lesson 19 - Paul Fleischman: Biography, Poems & Books  Take Quiz
Lesson 20 - The Chosen: Summary, Characters & Author  Take Quiz
Lesson 21 - The Jungle by Upton Sinclair: Summary & Analysis  Take Quiz
Lesson 22 - The Known World by Edward P. Jones: Summary & Characters  Take Quiz
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Lesson 1 - What Are Nouns? - Definition, Types & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 2 - Singular & Plural Nouns: Definitions, Rules & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 3 - What Are Possessive Nouns? - Examples, Definition & Types  Take Quiz
Lesson 4 - What Are Collective Nouns?  Take Quiz
Lesson 5 - What Are Pronouns? - Types, Examples & Definition  Take Quiz
Lesson 6 - Pronouns: Relative, Reflexive, Interrogative & Possessive  Take Quiz
Lesson 7 - What Are Personal Pronouns?  Take Quiz
Lesson 8 - Using Nouns as the Subject of a Sentence: Grammar Rules & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 9 - Possessive Pronouns & Contractions: Definition & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 10 - What is an Antecedent? - Definition, Meaning & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 11 - Action, Linking and Auxiliary Verbs: Definitions, Functions & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 12 - Personal Pronouns and Antecedents: Number Agreement  Take Quiz
Lesson 13 - Compound Antecedents: Definition & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 14 - Verb Forms: Participles & Infinitives  Take Quiz
Lesson 15 - Comparison of Adjectives & Adverbs: Examples, Sentences & Exercises  Take Quiz
Lesson 16 - Indefinite and Definite Articles: Definition and Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 17 - What Are Misplaced Modifiers and Dangling Modifiers?  Take Quiz
Lesson 18 - What are Predicates? - Definition and Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 19 - Parallelism: How to Write and Identify Parallel Sentences  Take Quiz
Lesson 20 - How to Identify the Subject of a Sentence  Take Quiz
Lesson 21 - Verb Tense & Subject-Verb Agreement  Take Quiz
Lesson 22 - Subject-Verb Agreement: Using Uncommon Singular and Plural Nouns and Pronouns  Take Quiz
Lesson 23 - Sentence Agreement: Avoiding Faulty Collective Ownership  Take Quiz
Lesson 24 - How to Teach Reading Comprehension  Take Quiz
Lesson 25 - Reflexive Pronoun: Definition & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 26 - 10th Grade Literary Terms  Take Quiz

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