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    Parent Function in Math: Definition & Examples

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If you use the Big Ideas Math Algebra 2 textbook in class, this course is a great resource to supplement your studies and prepare for exams. The course covers the same important algebra concepts found in the book, but uses short videos that make the algebra lessons easier to understand and more fun to learn.
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11 chapters in Big Ideas Math Algebra 2: Online Textbook Help

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Lesson 1 - Terminology of Polynomial Functions  Take Quiz
Lesson 2 - Understanding Basic Polynomial Graphs  Take Quiz
Lesson 3 - Analyzing Graphs of Polynomial Functions  Take Quiz
Lesson 4 - How to Add, Subtract and Multiply Polynomials  Take Quiz
Lesson 5 - Binomials: Difference of Two Squares  Take Quiz
Lesson 6 - Perfect Square Binomial: Definition & Explanation  Take Quiz
Lesson 7 - Pascal's Triangle: Definition and Use with Polynomials  Take Quiz
Lesson 8 - Dividing Polynomials with Long and Synthetic Division: Practice Problems  Take Quiz
Lesson 9 - Remainder Theorem & Factor Theorem: Definition & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 10 - Factoring Polynomial Expressions  Take Quiz
Lesson 11 - Binomials: Sum and Difference of Two Cubes  Take Quiz
Lesson 12 - Factoring Polynomials Using Quadratic Form: Steps, Rules & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 13 - Finding Rational Zeros Using the Rational Zeros Theorem & Synthetic Division  Take Quiz
Lesson 14 - Irrational Conjugate Theorem: Definition & Example  Take Quiz
Lesson 15 - Fundamental Theorem of Algebra: Explanation and Example  Take Quiz
Lesson 16 - Descartes's Rule of Signs: Definition & Example  Take Quiz
Lesson 17 - Complex Conjugate: Numbers, Functions & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 18 - Basic Transformations of Polynomial Graphs  Take Quiz
Lesson 19 - Using X-Intercepts to Graph Polynomial Functions  Take Quiz
Lesson 20 - Using the Location Principle to Identify Zeros of Polynomial Functions  Take Quiz
Lesson 21 - Modeling with Polynomial Functions  Take Quiz
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Lesson 1 - Trigonometric Functions: Definition & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 2 - Trigonometry and the Pythagorean Theorem  Take Quiz
Lesson 3 - Trigonometric Function Values of Special Angles  Take Quiz
Lesson 4 - Practice Finding the Trigonometric Ratios  Take Quiz
Lesson 5 - Drawing Angles in Standard Position  Take Quiz
Lesson 6 - Coterminal Angles: Definition & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 7 - Radian Measure: Definition & Formula  Take Quiz
Lesson 8 - Arc Length of a Sector: Definition and Area  Take Quiz
Lesson 9 - Using Unit Circles to Relate Right Triangles to Sine & Cosine  Take Quiz
Lesson 10 - Unit Circle: Memorizing the First Quadrant  Take Quiz
Lesson 11 - Reference Angles & the Unit Circle  Take Quiz
Lesson 12 - Graphing Sine and Cosine  Take Quiz
Lesson 13 - Graphing Sine and Cosine Transformations  Take Quiz
Lesson 14 - Graphing the Tangent Function: Amplitude, Period, Phase Shift & Vertical Shift  Take Quiz
Lesson 15 - Graphing the Cosecant, Secant & Cotangent Functions  Take Quiz
Lesson 16 - Finding the Sinusoidal Function  Take Quiz
Lesson 17 - Trigonometric Identities: Definition & Uses  Take Quiz
Lesson 18 - How to Prove & Derive Trigonometric Identities  Take Quiz
Lesson 19 - Applying the Sum & Difference Identities  Take Quiz

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