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Updated March 21, 2022

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If you're having a hard time in calculus class, let us help you with this informative Calculus: Tutoring Solution. Our short video lessons and self-assessment quizzes can be viewed at your own pace on any mobile device, 24 hours a day. These resources can help you study for a test, complete homework assignments or make up for missed class time.

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What is a Function: Basics and Key Terms

Calculus: Tutoring Solution 75K views 8 min

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14 hours of educational videos

111 self-paced lessons

14 practice tests

Expert Contributor: Zach Pino

13 chapters in Calculus: Tutoring Solution

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Using Limits to Calculate the Derivative Video  Take Quiz
The Linear Properties of a Derivative Video  Take Quiz
Calculating Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions Video  Take Quiz
Calculating Derivatives of Polynomial Equations Video  Take Quiz
Calculating Derivatives of Exponential Equations Video  Take Quiz
Using the Chain Rule to Differentiate Complex Functions Video  Take Quiz
Differentiating Factored Polynomials: Product Rule and Expansion Video  Take Quiz
When to Use the Quotient Rule for Differentiation Video  Take Quiz
Understanding Higher Order Derivatives Using Graphs Video  Take Quiz
Calculating Higher Order Derivatives Video  Take Quiz
How to Find Derivatives of Implicit Functions Video  Take Quiz
How to Calculate Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric Functions Video  Take Quiz
Applying the Rules of Differentiation to Calculate Derivatives Video  Take Quiz
Indefinite Integral: Definition, Rules & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Ordered Pair: Definition & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Origin in Math: Definition & Overview Video  Take Quiz
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Graphing the Derivative from Any Function Video  Take Quiz
Non Differentiable Graphs of Derivatives Video  Take Quiz
How to Determine Maximum and Minimum Values of a Graph Video  Take Quiz
Using Differentiation to Find Maximum and Minimum Values Video  Take Quiz
Concavity and Inflection Points on Graphs Video  Take Quiz
Understanding Concavity and Inflection Points with Differentiation Video  Take Quiz
Data Mining: Function Properties from Derivatives Video  Take Quiz
Data Mining: Identifying Functions From Derivative Graphs Video  Take Quiz
What is L'Hopital's Rule? Video  Take Quiz
Applying L'Hopital's Rule in Simple Cases Video  Take Quiz
Applying L'Hopital's Rule in Complex Cases Video  Take Quiz
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Summation Notation and Mathematical Series Video  Take Quiz
How to Use Riemann Sums for Functions and Graphs Video  Take Quiz
How to Identify and Draw Left, Right and Middle Riemann Sums Video  Take Quiz
What is the Trapezoid Rule? Video  Take Quiz
How to Find the Limits of Riemann Sums Video  Take Quiz
Definite Integrals: Definition Video  Take Quiz
How to Use Riemann Sums to Calculate Integrals Video  Take Quiz
Linear Properties of Definite Integrals Video  Take Quiz
Average Value Theorem Video  Take Quiz
The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Video  Take Quiz
Indefinite Integrals as Anti Derivatives Video  Take Quiz
How to Find the Arc Length of a Function Video  Take Quiz
Finding the Integral of csc(x) Video  Take Quiz
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Course Progress Best Score
Calculating Integrals of Simple Shapes Video  Take Quiz
Anti-Derivatives: Calculating Indefinite Integrals of Polynomials Video  Take Quiz
How to Calculate Integrals of Trigonometric Functions Video  Take Quiz
How to Calculate Integrals of Exponential Functions Video  Take Quiz
How to Solve Integrals Using Substitution Video  Take Quiz
Substitution Techniques for Difficult Integrals Video  Take Quiz
Using Integration By Parts Video  Take Quiz
Partial Fractions: How to Factorize Fractions with Quadratic Denominators Video  Take Quiz
How to Integrate Functions With Partial Fractions Video  Take Quiz
Understanding Trigonometric Substitution Video  Take Quiz
How to Use Trigonometric Substitution to Solve Integrals Video  Take Quiz
How to Solve Improper Integrals Video  Take Quiz

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