OSAT World History/Geography (CEOE) (018): Practice & Study Guide

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    Understanding Basic Historical Terms & Concepts

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Course Summary

Use this comprehensive study guide course to get ready for the OSAT World History/Geography test. Aligned specifically with all the topics you need to know, the course's fun lessons and assessments help you become fully prepared for the exam.
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37 chapters in OSAT World History/Geography (CEOE) (018): Practice & Study Guide

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Flashcards - Historical Concepts & Research Skills
Flashcards - Early Civilizations of the Ancient Near East
Flashcards - Early Indian Civilizations & Empires
Flashcards - Early Civilizations in the Americas
Flashcards - Early African Civilizations
Flashcards - The Birth of the Muslim World
Flashcards - Classical Greek Culture & Philosophy
Flashcards - The Roman Republic Rises
Flashcards - Fall of the Roman Empire Through the Middle Ages
Flashcards - Renaissance Europe
Flashcards - The Scientific Revolution
Flashcards - International Exploration & European Expansion
Flashcards - Enlightenment & the Revolution in Europe
Flashcards - Revolution in the Americas
Flashcards - The Industrial Revolution & the Rise of Capitalism
Flashcards - 19th Century Political & Societal Developments
Flashcards - 19th and 20th Century Imperialism
Flashcards - Battles & Consequences of World War I
Flashcards - World War II
Flashcards - Restructuring the World After World War II
Flashcards - Decolonization, Revolution & Nationalism After WWII
Flashcards - Important World Leaders of the 20th Century
Flashcards - Cultural & Political Developments After WWII
Flashcards - Principles of Geographic Data & Research
Flashcards - Geography Tools
Flashcards - Ecosystems and Biomes
Flashcards - Weather and Storms
Flashcards - Overview of Human Geography
Flashcards - Earth's Energy Resources
Flashcards - Ecological Problems in the US
Flashcards - History, People & Geography of the American Midwest
Flashcards - Oklahoma's Culture, History & Geography

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