Developing Employee Recognition Programs

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Let these brief video lessons help your management team learn how to organize and implement a successful employee recognition program. These lessons can be used during corporate training sessions and offer opportunities for your managers to discuss these topics and share ideas.
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2 chapters in Developing Employee Recognition Programs

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Ch 1. Using Employee Recognition to Reward & Motivate {{cp.topicAssetIdToProgress[57843].percentComplete}}% complete
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Lesson 1 - Employee Motivation Programs: Incentives and Reward Systems Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[14590].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[14590].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[14590].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[14590].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 2 - Reward Power in Leadership: Definition & Example Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[7442].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[7442].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[7442].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[7442].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 3 - Reward Systems & Employee Behavior: Intrinsic & Extrinsic Rewards Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[2118].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[2118].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[2118].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[2118].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 4 - Practical Application: Intrinsic & Extrinsic Rewards in the Workplace Infographic
Lesson 5 - Benefits of Employee Recognition Programs Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57844].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57844].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
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Ch 2. Establishing Employee Recognition Programs {{cp.topicAssetIdToProgress[57845].percentComplete}}% complete
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Lesson 1 - The Fundamentals of Employee Recognition Programs Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57846].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57846].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57846].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57846].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 2 - Types of Reward & Recognition Programs Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57847].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57847].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57847].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57847].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 3 - Strategies for Successful Employee Recognition Programs Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57848].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57848].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57848].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57848].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 4 - Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Employee Recognition Programs Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57849].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57849].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57849].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[57849].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 5 - Practical Application: Creating Employee Recognition Programs

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